Streets of Phoenx

I like how the camera handled the light and darks.  In both cases there is that sense of high-contrast, but still allowing sufficient texture in both the dark and light areas of the photograph.  Nice sharp lines and visual perspective.

The morning sun really lit-up this boarded storefront, so the camera's auto adjustment handled the bright middle allowing for sense of texture and the dark;s contrasting in proportion.

My eye sees a nicely lit building with both the top and bottom panels on the building showing darkening panels as you shift your focus left.

I like architecture enjoy composing a photograph with it as the subject. 

An opportunity that I couldn't pass up and the camera performed - capturing it.
A Sunday morning on Van Buren Street in downtown Phoenix.

Cities built for the Industrial Age, reached a nadir around 1970.  The Information Age begin and slowly of 50-years the cities are being rebuilt and people are coming back.  Others call it Gentrification: Being economically pushed-out and the resulting isolation of community. 
Less of the "bold" monochrome, but the camera made this choice and accurately composed the photo in my opinion.  

Nice ally shot.  I liked how the camera handled light, shadow in perspective of the composed photograph.

 Note: All photographs straight from camera with no adjustments except high-quality resizing for this online post.   All photographs taken with the Pentax K-S1& 'kit' zoom lens (18-55mm) and automatic mode.  I choose automatic because it is one of my first tests with this camera, so I wanted to see how its technology handles the visual space it's capturing. 


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