I was on a Facebook vintage lens photography page and someone posted a really cool black and white digital photograph.  He mentioned the camera as a Pentax K-S1. A forgotten digital single reflex camera from 2014 with an ugly design.  I just got curious and started doing some research. The K-S1 has 20-MP sensor and this interesting "bold monochrome" in camera effect-filter.  That caught my attention.  Why? Because the 20-MP sensor and 1080P / 24fps told me the camera is still revelant from a technology standpoint.  Another feature was no anti-aliasing filter (micro-blurring to minimize 'jaggies') which means the pictures look really sharp.  I was taken at the striking high contrast 'bold monochrome' effect of this camera's digital imaging.  This texture is what I'm looking achieve visually, in the 'Dark Ages' film series I'm working on because the bold-monochrome effect can be set in the camera's 1080P movie recording mode.

That's all I needed to see visually and read technicaly.  I found an online camera store with an excellent condition 'used'.  I picked up this camera for a quarter of its original price. I like the blue also for a change of pace.  The black lenses look nice with the blue.

Now let's see what this gem can do....


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